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APMLE Score Release

For the 2020 Residency Selection cycle, CASPR will be handling APMLE Part II CSPE scores slightly differently. If you are:

  • Class of 2020, 2019, 2018 and 2017:  Passage of CSPE exam is required.  Also passage of APMLE Part I and APMLE Part II Written is required for remaining participation.
  • Class of 2016:  Since the CSPE exam has been suspended until August 2016 the class is exempt from taking the exam. You will still need to pass APMLE Part I and Part II Written for continued participation in CASPR. 
  • Class of 2015: Since the CSPE exam is being offered again for August 2016, passage is required. Passage of APMLE Part I and APMLE Part II Written are also required for remaining participation. 
  • Class 2014 or earlier: You are neither required nor eligible to take the CSPE so the change does not affect you. Passage of APMLE Part I and APMLE Part II Written are required for remaining participation in CASPR.

More information about the CSPE exam can be found on the APMLE website

You will be signing the release for both Part I and Part II (Written and Clinical - for those that have taken the exam) results.  The Part II Written results will not be available to the programs until right before Match.

There is a field for the ATT (Authorization to Test Number).  It is 9 numbers and starts with two zeros.  An example ATT: 007885050. Every student has been assigned a unique number by the NBPME. This number is written on the ATT for the Part I and Part II examination. Students provide this number to Prometric when scheduling their exams. It does not appear on the score results!

There is a field called the CMS IDIf you do not have a CMS ID, please put N/A in the field. It is 11-12 characters and starts with three letters, a dash, and nine more characters that are a mix of letters and numbers.  An example CMS ID:  PRO-2T8P48F5H.  On the APMLE Score Release form, the field is located right above the ATT number field. This will be another way for us to help identify you when receiving your results.  

If you do not know your ATT number or CMS ID call 877-302-8952 or email

The "Name at time of Exam" field does not save the information again, which is why when you go back to the form, the field is blank.  If you are using an internet browser other than Google Chrome or Firefox, the field may have dots instead of being blank. 

October 25th is the initial deadline to complete the APMLE Score Release section of your application.  The passage of APMLE Part I and Part II Written and CSPE (where applicable) is required for participation in CASPR.  Applicants who have not passed Part I by October 2019 will automatically be withdrawn from the CASPR process.  Those that have not passed Part II Written and CSPE (where applicable) by February 2020 will be withdrawn from the CASPR Match.

You must release your results by October 25th in order for it to be included with your application, as it takes time to request an official result from NBPME. If the Release form is not completed by then, we cannot guarantee that your application will be marked complete after we upload scores to CASPRweb accounts, which will be the day after the October 25th deadline.

If you start your application after the October 25th deadline, please complete this section as soon as possible as we will need to request scores from the NBPME office.  In order to determine continued participation in CASPR, the results need to be released to our office as we accept results from NBPME for Part I and II scores.

Scores from the October 2019 exam date will be included on your application (if passed), so if you plan to take the test in October, be sure to release your results.

All Part I test results (if taken more than once) will be released to your designated programs.  Same thing with Part II test results: all of the exams will be released in March.  Your CASPR Application will list your APMLE results as either pass or fail.  If you did not take the Part I exam the first time offered or have any other information regarding your exam that you wish programs to know, please complete the explanatory box available on the form.

The APMLE Part I results are uploaded to your account the day after the Initial Designation/Application deadline and included in your application that gets delivered to your designated programs on November 1st.  Due to when the results of the February APMLE Part II are released, we do not upload the APMLE Part II results until closer to Match Day in March. This includes any previous graduates that participate.

For previous graduates that wish to include your APMLE Part II results as part of their CASPR Application, you have the option of uploading your results.  Please be aware that the results are not considered official until they have been added to your CASPR Application Part I in March prior to Match week.

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