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Application Fees

The CASPR application fee includes up to 18 program designations. There is also a CRIP scheduling fee. While the CRIP fee can be paid at any time up until scheduling starts in December, we recommend that you pay the entire amount of the CASPR and CRIP scheduling fee when you apply.

Payment must be made online and only Visa and MasterCard will be accepted. Click on the Payment tab to enter your credit card information. At the top of the payment screen you select which fees you are paying. You must pay the application fee, and we suggest you pay the CRIP scheduling fee up front. The other two options deal with the number of designations you make and will be discussed in more detail in the designation section.

Payment of Fees

Fees must be paid via credit card online at Only VISA or MasterCard are accepted.  Your credit card statement will read "American Assn Colleges Podiatric" as the company. You will receive two email receipts, one from, and the other from to indicate that the payment went through.  If you do not receive both email receipts, please let us know.

You may find the Fee Summary after you login to your CASPRweb account under the Payment Due Tab.

Basic Fee/Designation Fees

The basic CASPR application fee is required as part of your application. Your application will not be marked complete, and therefore no designations allowed, until this fee is paid. The basic application fee includes up to 18 program designations. 

If an applicant wants to designate more than 18 programs, an additional fee applies, which covers 19-35 designations.  More than 35 designations requires payment of an additional fee, for an unlimited number of designations. In order to pay for the unlimited number of designations you will need to pay the additional designation tab and the unlimited fee. Only pay the additional and/or unlimited designation fees if you decide to designate more programs as these fees are NON-REFUNDABLE.


The CRIP Scheduling fee covers the costs of scheduling for CRIP. If an applicant knows that s/he will not be participating in CRIP, then there is no need to submit a CRIP Scheduling Fee. However, no applicant is allowed to schedule interviews without receipt of this fee prior to the scheduling time period. If you have a question regarding payment, please contact our office.

Supplemental/Program Application Fees

Some programs will require a separate application fee which will be listed on their directory page.  Students will need to send the fee directly to the program, not to CASPR.  The address that students will need to send payment to is in the "Applicant Requirements" section of a program's directory page, near where they list the amount of the fee, if any.  The deadline for programs to receive the fees is November 1st. On the CASPR Directory Lists and Charts, there will be a listing of all programs that do not have a supplemental fee.

Copy of Application Fee

It is extremely important to keep both a digital and a hard copy of all parts of your application for your records. There will be a charge for requesting a copy of all or part of your application (i.e. just LORs).  Please make the request in writing. We only accept credit card charges from Visa or MasterCard.

Refund Policy

Application Fee:  No refund of the basic application-processing fee will be made to any applicant choosing non-participation in CASPR after October 25, 2019 (notification of withdrawal date received by CASPR). This includes if you are withdrawn from the CASPR Match for non passage of Part II.  A service charge will be deducted from the refund of the Basic CASPR Fee if you withdraw prior to October 25th via email. 

Additional Designation Fees:  There is no refund once you select to pay the fee and the Additional Designation Fees. No exceptions.

CRIP Fee:  This is how we process refunds:

  • Prior to October - refunded to credit card originally used for payment - must be requested via email
  • Withdrawn from non passage of APMLE Part I - refunded to credit card originally used for payment
  • All other refund requests - the CRIP fee will be refunded for the following reasons:
    • None of your designated programs attended CRIP
    • You did not schedule any CRIP interviews 
    • The only program(s) with whom you scheduled interviews withdrew from CRIP


Applicants must make a formal request for a refund with receipt of CRIP fee payment to The deadline for CRIP scheduling refund requests is February 7, 2020. Depending on when the request is made and granted a refund check with the amount will be mailed out.  

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