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My Application Overview

Once you have signed into your account, you can begin completing your application. There are nine required pieces:

Stage I - Deadline 10-25-2019

  • Basic Application Part I

  • NBPME Score Release

  • Student Agreement

  • Student Certification

  • Payment of Fees

  • Discrimination Notice

Stage II - Deadline 10-25-2019

  • Basic Application Part II

  • Transcript

  • Clinical Evaluation

  • Letters of Recommendation (LORs) 3 required

  • Supporting Documents (opt)

  • Designations

Click on the “My Application” tab to begin. Links to the different pieces of the application are listed on this page.  Please see "Supplemental materials" below for more information.

Each section of the application has a separate help button (Help Button). If you have questions, please check here first. Another place to check would be this CASPRweb Guide, found on the "Information" tab. If you still have questions, please contact the CASPR office directly. Contact information is listed on the "Information" tab.

The "My Application" tab will only be available during the first phase of the cycle. After the Initial Designation period ends on October 25th, you will not be able to make changes to your application. Contact information can be kept current via the "Edit Profile" tab, which will be available for the remainder of the cycle. No other changes can be made to the application once it is delivered to the programs.

If you have not completed your application or designated programs by October 25th, the "My Application" tab will continue to be available once the website reopens November 11th until both your application is completed and you have designated a program or the December 13th deadline has passed.

Passage of APMLE Required

For the the 2020 CASPR cycle passage of APMLE Parts I and II Written is required in order to continue participating in CASPR.  Please see NBPME's announcement regarding the Part II Clinical Exam, CSPE on APMLE's website: must release your scores to CASPR, as we need official scores from NBPME in order to determine eligibility.  Your completed application will not be forwarded to programs if the October test result for Part I is "fail". Applicants that do not pass by the February test results for the Part II Written will not participate in the Match. Please see the "Application Fees" section for information about our refund policy.

Please complete the score release form as soon as possible as we need to request the results from Prometric.  We request the results for all applicants at the same time.  If the Release form is not completed by mid-October, we cannot guarantee that your application will be marked complete after we upload APMLE Part I results to CASPR web accounts, which will be the day after the October 25th deadline. 

We upload the APMLE Part I results after the October 25th, application/initial designation deadline.  Due to when the results of the February APMLE Part II are released, we do not upload the APMLE Part II results until closer to Match Day in March. This includes any previous graduates that participate.

Previous graduates who wish for programs to know their APMLE Part II results prior to March have the option of uploading their results as part of their application.  Please be aware though that it will not be considered official until we add the Part II results in March.

Viewing your Application

The only way to view your complete application or Part II is if you have uploaded your photo.  A link can be found on the "Reports" tab.

Copy of Application Fee

It is extremely important to keep both a digital and a hard copy of all parts of your application for your records. There will be a charge for requesting a copy of all or only part of your application (i.e. just LORs).  Please make the request in writing.  We only accept credit card charges.

Supplemental Materials

Please check the CASPR Directory page under "Applicant Requirements" to see what Supplemental materials you may want to mail vs. uploading to your CASPRweb account. Supplemental materials include an application fee, LORs, research papers, CV, etc. In recent years the majority of the applicants upload the documents programs require to their CASPRweb account while mailing the application fee.  Programs indicate on their directory page the deadline to receive Supplemental materials, which is usually the same day completed applications are delivered online to programs.

Applicants that apply to programs with application fees will need to send a check to the address provided in the "Applicant Requirements" section of the directory page.  When mailing materials to the programs, include a brief letter explaining the items to make sure that it gets processed appropriately. Programs will probably be looking for the supplemental materials closer to the end of October/early November. 


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