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Application Part I

Part I of the application has your demographic information and educational history.

Please be aware that the website will time out after 20 minutes.  If you have not saved within those 20 minutes, everything you have entered will be lost, so save often.  Once you save your information, you are able to go back in and make changes up until the Initial Designation deadline in October.

Be sure to complete this part of your application prior to filling out the APMLE Score Release form.  Please see the APMLE Score Release page for the reason why.

Applicant Information

Verify the spelling of your first and last name.  Enter your Social Security #(SSN).  Because it is encrypted when you type it in, we ask that you reenter it for confirmation. 

Personal Contact Information

Enter your current and permanent address information, preferred phone number and permanent phone number. It is EXTREMELY important that you keep this information updated. Changes can be made throughout the cycle on the My Profile Tab.

Once the Applications are released to the programs we suggest that if contact information is updated to let the programs know.  An email is sufficient.

Applicant Personal Information

Gender and Ethnicity: These fields are used only for statistical tracking purposes within CASPR and are not released to the programs or colleges.  Completion of these fields is optional.

Name listed on Official Documents: If different from the name you entered above, enter it here, i.e. your maiden name.

Felony:  If you were convicted of a felony, there will be a text box to enter an explanation. 

Contact person

Please provide contact information for a person we can contact in the event we cannot reach you. Choose someone who will know how to get a hold of you throughout the upcoming year.

Educational Status

The default for Year of Graduation is 2020.  If you are a previous graduate, select "No" for the question "Are you a member of the class of 2020?" and enter the year you graduated (yyyy format).  You will be asked to enter a brief explanation of the reason you are seeking an entry level position. 

GPA: Your GPA is entered by the colleges.  It is shown on the site so that you can verify that it has been entered, but is grayed out as only the college can update the GPA. 

Most colleges require that you sign a form with the registrar's office to release your GPA (and class rank).  Approximately 50% of CASPR programs require GPA.  If you do not release your GPA your application may be considered incomplete, so double check the requirements of the programs to which you apply.

Colleges and Universities Attended

List the Universities, Colleges and Health Professional Schools you have attended or are attending in reverse date order, starting with the most recently attended.  The best example would be how you included your schools in your CV.  However, listing high school attendance is not necessary.

• Your College of Podiatric Medicine will automatically fill in. Please provide the dates of attendance. If you are currently attending, enter your expected graduation date (mm/yyyy)
• There is room to enter up to 5 additional schools. If you enter any part of the information for a school, you must complete all of the fields.

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