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CRIP:  Booking Travel

Effort has been made to obtain the lowest rates in a hotel that is accessible from major airports and meets the needs of the CRIP program. When calling one of the hotels for reservations, make sure that you meet the deadline for booking reservations. The listed rates are based on space and rate availability. The hotels cannot guarantee rates after the deadline dates.

The hotel reservation blocks do fill up, so be sure to make your reservations in advance. A link to the reservation sites are available under CRIP Hotels.  Hotels will ask for a credit card but will not charge the card until your stay, so if you are not sure if you will be going to CRIP, make your reservations.  You can always cancel later.

When booking your hotel and flight, you should plan to arrive at CRIP on the evening prior to the start of the interviews. This will allow you to become familiar with the hotel and be prepared for early morning interviews. Interviews can start as early as 8 am and go into the evening.  Some programs will hold callbacks & socials so be sure to take that into consideration when scheduling travel.

Last year a few programs had interviews on the last day of the three-day period for that region. This is very dependent on the number of applicants and the type of interviewing set-up programs like to use.  We will list the days that programs will interview around the end of November by Section.  Please be aware that it will be subject to change.

Do not schedule your airline flights too close to your interview times! Although January weather has not generally caused too much difficulty, flights may be delayed or cancelled, so allow yourself some leeway. Better to arrive early than not at all. Keep an eye on the weather throughout the country – bad weather in one location may affect the availability of equipment or crews for your travel plans.

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