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For Previous Graduates looking for entry level positions:

If you are looking for an open entry level position, take into account that very few positions become available after the July 1st start date. Check the “Unfilled Positions” section on (if still available) often to see if any positions are listed. If the Unfilled Positions page is no longer up, please check the "What's New" page.  Keep in mind that residency programs are not obligated to inform CASPR of open positions after the Match, or if and when those positions have been filled. Your Graduate Placement Director is a good contact if you are looking for positions.  

If you are a looking for an open entry level position starting July 1, 2020, you have two options:  

1.  You can apply through CASPR's online service on The "Applicant" site becomes available early August.  The Initial Program Designation/Application Deadline is at the end of October. Applications should be complete by that time as the site will shut down. CASPR sends applications to residency programs in early November and the application site will reopen mid November for late designations. Applications and designations will continue to be accepted until the end of November. Traditionally, previous graduates have not fared well in the match. If at all possible for those already in a residency, your best option is to complete your first year and then transfer into a PGY 2 advanced position.

To apply through CASPR, send an email to to request a log in. Include in the email the year and the school you graduated from.  If you are reading this before August, please try to send us an email at the earliest the third week of July.  This way you will be provided a login at the beginning of August with the current class.  Information about the CASPR process online can be found in the User Guide in the "Especially for Students" section. Please also check out the CASPR Applicant schedule, in the "Especially for Students" section.

2.  Once the MPII process is over, you can apply to programs that still have positions available. Those programs will be listed in the Unfilled Positions document starting March 20th at 12PM EASTERN. Unmatched students and previous graduates that remain unplaced or did not participate in CASPR are able to apply. Please be aware that the majority of the programs will fill their positions during MPII.

For Previous Graduates seeking an advanced position PGY-2 or PGY-3:

You do not need to participate in CASPR. Advanced positions do not participate in the CASPR Match. Open advanced positions will be listed when we are informed by the programs that they are available in the "Advanced Positions What's New" page.  Check periodically to see if any advanced positions are advertised there throughout the year, especially around Match Week in March, which starts mid to late March.

For Previous Graduates that participate in CASPR

Please be sure to review the CASPR/CRIP Schedule, available in the “Especially for Students” section of Here is the link: Since you are a previous graduate participating in CASPR again, here are a few guidelines:

  • You are starting a new application just like you did the previous time(s) you have participated in CASPR. None of your information was saved in the database so you are starting fresh.  If you wish to use any documents uploaded last cycle like letters of recommendation, hopefully you still have the individual letters saved in your records to upload them as was done last year.
  • All application materials listed are required by the deadline including the CASPR Application fee. If you are planning on participating in CRIP then the CRIP fee is also required before CRIP Scheduling starts in December.
  • In order for your transcripts and clinicals to be uploaded to your account, please be in contact with your school residency coordinator to make arrangements as it is not automatically done.
  • Regarding the APMLE Part I and Part II Written results: We will be uploading the Part I and the Part II results the same time as the current graduates. Please refer to the Applicant CASPR Schedule for when we upload the Part I results.  It is better for us to request the results at the same time and upload them the same way.  If you wish to include your APMLE Part II results as part of your CASPR Application, you have the option of uploading your results.  Please be aware that the results are not considered official until they have been added to your CASPR Application in March prior to Match week.

Since you have participated in the CASPR before, there have been slight updates to the website over the years.  Here are changes that you need to be aware of:

1.  On the CASPR Application Part II, the "Additional Comments" field has been removed.

2.  Applicants will be notified of their interview status starting the first Monday of December at 5:00 PM EASTERN.  This means that the status will not be updated immediately like in years past after programs first receive applications in November.

3.  Applicants have the option of uploading a photo to their CASPR Application.  It will no longer be required in order for your CASPR Application to be considered complete.

4.  Here is how we are handling the APMLE Part II CSPE. If you are:

  • Class of 2020, 2019, 2018 and 2017:  Passage of APMLE Part II CPSE is required to be included in the CASPR Match. Also, passage of APMLE Part I and APMLE Part II Written are required for remaining participation.
  • Class of 2016: You are not required to pass the CSPE exam in order to participate in CASPR. AMPLE Part I and APMLE Part II Written are still required.
  • Class of 2015: Since the exam is being offered again, if you have not passed the CSPE exam you are not able to participate in the CASPR Match.  Also, passage of APMLE Part I and APMLE Part II Written are required for remaining participation. 
  • Class 2014 or earlier: You are neither required nor eligible to take the CSPE so the change does not affect you. Passage of APMLE Part I and APMLE Part II Written are required for remaining participation in CASPR.

5.  For the APMLE Score Release Form:

  • There is a field requesting the CMS ID. If you do not have a CMS ID, please put N/A in the field. The CMS ID is 11-12 characters and starts with three letters, a dash, and nine more characters that are a mix of letters and numbers.  An example CMS ID:  PRO-2T8P48F5H.  On the APMLE Score Release Form, the field is located right under the ATT number field. This will be another way for us to help identify you when receiving your results.



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