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My Programs   

Once your application has been sent to a program, that program will be listed on the My Programs tab.  In order to facilitate communication between the program and applicant, two fields are available: CRIP Interview Granted and Notes.

Programs have until November 21 to review their applications for an initial interview list.   If they have not made any notations by this time, contact the program for information on what is missing.  However, for those that designate programs after November 7, there is no guarantee that the programs will respond by the deadline because the application is considered late.

If a program indicates that something is missing from the basic application sent by CASPR, please contact the CASPR office immediately and the CASPR staff will take care of it.  Programs can not ask you to provide them directly with any part of the basic application, including hard copies.


Programs can use this text box to send messages to their applicants.  Information can include items missing from the application, interview dates for programs not participating in CRIP and other notes. 

CRIP Interview Granted

The last field indicates whether a program has granted you an interview.  You MUST be granted an interview online in order to schedule for CRIP. 

Programs participating in CRIP must submit their initial lists by November 21.  If a program going to CRIP has not filled out this section after November 21, contact them directly. 

For programs not participating in CRIP, they may still use this field to grant interviews, however, they have the option of contacting you directly with your interview status or using the Notes field.

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