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Programs that Do Not Participate in CRIP

Programs conducting interviews outside of CRIP are encouraged to let their applicants know the interview plans by entering them in the Notes field on the My Program tab.  In addition, CASPR will collect interview plans for programs not participating in CRIP and post them to the site on the student page. 

CRIP is optional.  Programs who do not participate agree to wait until AFTER the CRIP week to conduct interviews.  The earliest programs not attending CRIP are able to hold interviews is Wednesday, Jan 16th (See COTH Standards & Practices for Residency Selection )

Program Plans for those not attending 2019 CRIP - will be linked in November as programs are informing us of their plans.

CASPR and CRIP are two separate programs.  Even if a program is not participating in CRIP you must designate them through CASPR for the opportunity to Match with them.

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