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Ranking opens January 18, 2017 for both students and program directors.  Go to the Ranking tab and read the information provided there.

Only rank programs you are willing to attend.

You will rank programs in numerical order and can choose to rank zero programs if you wish.  Programs that offer multiple programs i.e both a PMSR and a PMSR/RRA, will appear as separate programs on your ranking list.  For example:

  • Botsford General Hospital
  • Catholic Health System/Sisters of Charity PMSR
  • Catholic Health System/Sisters of Charity PMSR/RRA
  • Grant Medical Center

Changes can be made to the rankings up until the deadline of 3:00 pm eastern, January 26, at which point the information in the system is final for both applicants and residency programs. No changes in ranking after this deadline!

Be sure to print a copy of your ranking form after saving by clicking on the "Print Program Ranking" link at the bottom of the ranking screen.   You can also save a copy by going to the Reports tab.

The rankings are saved in our database.  The pdf copy of rankings is what we have in our system.



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