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Making Reservations

All reservations, modifications or cancellations must be made through CRIP staff.  This allows us to get room numbers for interview rooms ahead of time and ensure that they are not changed.  It also allows us to group rooms together as space permits. 

Please do not contact the hotel directly except to make catering arrangements! 

Reservations are made from the information entered in the Interview Room and Accommodations form online.  This form opens October 10 and must be completed by November 19th.  However, do not put "resident" or a number like "3" as we need names to be able to reserve the rooms, even if the resident is not the only one listed in the room. We can change the names of the occupants if necessary. If there are any changes regarding the schedule or room accommodations after the deadline, please email the CRIP office.

You will be able to view a copy of your selections by clicking on "Acknowledgement of Receipt of Hotel Information" in the "CRIP" tab until the CRIP Forms deadline.  The document will be available in the "Reports" tab afterwards. The CRIP office will then email the residency directors the same form with the Hotel Confirmation numbers in December.  The only room numbers that will appear on the confirmation will be the rooms used for interviews.

Be sure to confirm the length of your stay upon check-in.  The earliest you can check in is 3 pm.  The earliest you would be able to start interviews that day would be 3:20 pm. 

Late check out time is 1 pm.  Interviews will need to be done by then in order to use late check out with no charge.  Any rooms (including interview rooms) checking out after 1 pm on the same day there will be a 1/2 day room charge. Section 1 must check out no later than 1pm on Saturday of CRIP to allow for Section 2 to arrive and get checked in.

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