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Changes for 2020 CASPR

  1. The COTH Dues are now $950.00
  2. Section 1 Programs must check out by 1 PM on Saturday
  3. CASPR will only report number of attempts and Pass/Fail for APMLE Scores
  4. Match week status reporting will follow the same format as 2019
  5. The question regarding Felonies will be removed from the 2020 CASPR Application.


CRIP 2020 Changes

  1. CRIP in January 2020 will be in Frisco TX. The West will be attending Section 1 and East programs are attending Section II.

  2. A meeting room will not be assigned until the meeting room fee is paid

  3. Section 1: On Saturday, ALL interviews (including callbacks) must conclude by 1 pm and programs must be checked out by that time. This includes programs using a meeting room for interviews.

  4. Section 1: On Saturday, callbacks and/or interviews may start as early as 7:30 am.

  5. The Meeting room fee has increased to $200. There is now a $100 fee for Social Meeting rooms and an additional fee for Callback administration.





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