American Association of Colleges of Podiatric Medicine

The following files describe the 2016 CLERKSHIP PROGRAM which covers clerkships served from January 2016 through May 2017.  This handbook is a guide to assist you in the clerkship application selection process.  The clerkship application process is now online at  Clerkship Registration starts for programs in June of every year.  Students are emailed login information in July.  

2016 Clerkship Schedule
2015 Clerkship Handbook
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   Handbook Cover Letter
2015-2016 National Clerkship Calendar  - The National Clerkship Calendar has been provided to standardize the start dates of clerkship rotations across the schools.
College Clerkship Coordinators 
Students   Programs
2015 Clerkship Website Overview Presentation for Students   2016 Clerkship Website Overview Presentation for Programs

2015 Clerkship Student User Guide

2016 Clerkship Offer Rounds
Student Clerkship FAQ's 2016 Clerkship Program User Guide
2015 Residency Programs Requiring Clerkship   Clerkship Program FAQ's 
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