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Offering and Accepting Clerks

Making Offers through Rounds

After viewing applicant files in the "My Applicant" tab, The program can check off "Offer or Decline" for the applicant in the month they choose.   The "Rank" column lets the program know order the student prefers for the months they applied for. Click "Save Changes" when you are done offering positions.  After saving the changes, above the applicant tables, the website will update the number of positions offered and finalized.

Accepting Clerks

Once the applicant accepts the month you offered, the other months the same applicant choose for your program will grey out and check off as declined. by Mid-January, the arrangements of the positions that were accepted should be finalized.

Changes to Confirmed Clerkship Schedule

Due to different school policies, students must ask their clerkship coordinators at their schools if they are able to switch or cancel a clerkship rotation with a program that was confirmed via the website.  The coordinator will then contact us since we have to manually make the change to the website.

If a student is able to switch months with you, but the status says "Declined by RP" for the requested month, the program is able to uncheck the "Decline" box and check off the "Offer" box instead.   For example, if the student originally scheduled for July wants to switch to November and the status for November says "Declined by RP" then the program is able to un-decline the month. Our office will still need to manually decline the original month if it was declined by the student. 


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