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In order to standardize delivery times, the offers will be made in rounds. 

Offer Rounds

Delivery will have three rounds, starting at the end of September. Programs will be able to offer rotations to students for January 2020 through May 2021. 

Programs can login beginning early September to start reviewing applications and begin offering spots.  Between the beginning of September and end of September, programs create a ranking list for each month, listing as many students as they want for each month.  Programs can enter all of the information at the beginning of September, if they wish. Programs do not have to wait or log in before each round. However, programs must have their ranking list submitted before the first round starts or no offers will go out. 

Once the offer rounds start, an offer will go out for each position which programs have available in each month. The students have two days to respond.  If they all accept and all of the positions for a month are filled, any other applicants ranked or who applied for that month will be declined.  If the students don’t accept, then at the beginning of the next round, additional offers will go out to the next people on the ranking list, one for each open position in each month.  Programs have the option of editing their ranking list at any time.  If the position has been offered, that cannot be changed, but programs can re-order students, add or remove them from the ranking list etc.

In between rounds, if the student wants to change the month that was offered, they can contact the programs directly to discuss which month works better for both parties. The student will then need to decline the current offer before the program can offer them a different month. The new offer would be delivered with the next round, provided there are still spots available for that month.  



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