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I haven't received my login information?

Contact the AACPM office at We will confirm that the email address we have for you is correct.

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Why is my Reset Code not working?

Please be sure you are going to this website to enter the reset code: It is also best to copy and paste the code directly from the email to the reset screen.  If you still have problems, contact the AACPM office at 301-948-9764.

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Will my APMLE results be included on my application?

No, APMLE results are not included as part of the application. Be sure to read the program requirements to confirm you qualify for the program.

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Not all of what I put in the application form appears in the pdf of my application. Why?

There is limited spacing on the pdf so as to fit all of the fields on the application form and photo into two pages. For example, if you have put all 40 of your extracurricular activities, they probably won't fit.  Pick and choose the most important.  You can always attach a copy of your CV.

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Why do I get an error when I view the PDF of my application?

There are several possibilities.  Check to make sure that the PDFs you uploaded are not password protected and that your photo is a common picture file, like jpg.  If you continue to have problems viewing your application, contact the AACPM office by phone or by email.

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What type of file should my photo be?

Your photo needs to be a jpg or bmp type file if you continue to have problems viewing your application, contact the AACPM office by phone or by email.

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Additional Documents

What documents should I upload?

Look at the page in the clerkship handbook for the programs you are interested in.  Each program has its own requirements listed.  Remember that you should not include any information from the "Additional Information" section that is material that you will have to provide directly to the clerkship program AFTER you are accepted.

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Where do I send my transcripts?

The schools will upload transcripts using the site directly to your account.   Please be aware that you will not be able to view your transcript as part of your complete application.  It will appear grayed out in the "Upload Documents" screen.  The programs will be able to view it when they receive your application.

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When will transcripts be uploaded?

The registrar uploads the information.  They know the deadline and it should be done on time.  Make sure you have signed a release with the school.

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Selections and Delivery

I can't find a program in the Clerkship Handbook.

All programs that have completed online Clerkship Registration appear in the Handbook.  If a particular program you want is not listed, check with the Clerkship Coordinator at your school or contact the AACPM office.

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I am unable to select a program that is in the Clerkship Handbook.

One reason may be that the program does not accept students from your school.  Check their handbook page in the Program Information section to see if they accept clerks from your school.  If they do, try a different search.  There are several ways you can search for programs:

Name of program
Program Status
Month/Year (not all programs offer spots every month)
Any combination of the four

The programs will be listed in the Program Listing section but only for months where positions are available.  There is more than one page that can be viewed at the bottom of the initial list if there are more than four programs that popped up from the search.  

Once the programs appear, you will be able to select which months you would like to attend the program.  Students can choose up to four programs per month.  You can choose the same months for more than one program.  After making your selections, make sure you click on the "Save Changes" button.

If you continue to have problems, contact the AACPM office by phone or email.

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Why am I not able to select a month for a program?

Depending on the program, it may not offer positions for that particular month.  If they do and you are unable to save the selection, please contact the AACPM office by phone or email.

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Do I select only the number of programs as the number of months I have available?

It is a good idea to have at least a couple of extra programs, just in case.  Generally, you may want to have three options for each month you have to fill.

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What happens if I don't get all of my programs/months filled?

You will need to go back in and apply to more programs.

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Can programs see the other programs to which you have applied?


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Is the submission process first come first serve?

No. Applications for selections made by September 23rd will be delivered at the same time, 11 am EST on September 29th. After offer rounds, applications for available months are sent immediately to programs.

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Accepting and Declining Positions

What if I don't get a clerkship at a program? Does that mean that I can not apply to that program for residency?

Although many programs do choose only from their clerks, many other programs do not.  Be sure to read the clerkship pages in the handbook.  Near the bottom, there is a section that has checkboxes for whether or not a program only chooses from their clerks, gives preference to their clerks or neither.

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How do the offer rounds work?

In order to standardize delivery times, the offers will be made in rounds. Once applications are delivered to programs, they have a week to review applications and make offers. During this time you will not be able to add programs or see the offers. Once that week is over, the offers will be made available to the students. The number of offers extended is based on the number of positions a program has. Students have 48 hrs to review offers and either accept or decline. After 48 hrs all offers expire and the next round begins for any positions still open.

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What if I'm offered a month that I can't attend from a program I really like?

Contact the program. They may be able to offer you the month you want in the next round, if there is a spot still available.

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Can I change a month once I've confirmed?

The student agreement that you sign states that acceptance through the website are binding. That said, circumstances may necessitate changes.  Change requests must be approved by the school and the clerkship program(s). Each school has different policies regarding changes. Contact the clerkship coordinator at your school to start the change process. 

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What if I don't fill a month before the rounds end?

Once the rounds are over, clerkship programs can continue to fill their spots through the website directly with the students. Offers will be delivered to the students immediately.

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Can I take time off of a program to travel?

We checked with the clerkship coordinators and they say no, you should not be asking for time off. Plan your schedule accordingly.  It probably isn't reasonable to have one month in Florida and the next month in Seattle if both programs require you to have a car and you plan to drive from one place to the next.

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